Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas

As per the expert doctors “a healthy breakfast is really essential meal of your entire day.” there are around ten hours long gap in breakfast and dinner, during these long period our body goes on fast mode. As its name recommends, breakfast is a mean you take to break the fast. Breakfast refuels your body with important nutrients to get great start of your day. Therefore do not skip it. To more about healthy recipes you can check out our post Healthy recipes – Source of fit and healthy life.

Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Following are some of the healthy breakfast ideas

Whole-wheat bread sandwich

In case you are a vegetarian, doctor recommends an easy onion, paneer, cucumber, and tomato sandwich. Spread low fat paneer’s layer in spite of cheese, as it is much healthier option. Take sliced onions, a grated paneer’s layer, tomato, cucumber, pepper, and salt – and here your health breakfast ready. People, who are non-vegetarians, keep little boiled boneless chicken slices handy. Mayonnaise or mustard sauce along with onion, boiled chicken tastes amazing, try this today.


Doctor warns against the sugary cereals in market. Select sugar-free corn flakes or wheat flakes. They contain fibre, protein, and carbohydrates. Add little bit nuts, dried fruits, and fresh fruit to make it much nutritious. Museli comprises various types of dried fruits and grains to make it a nice option.


Famous up-north, daliya makes for an amazing breakfast option. Daliya is raw wheat, loaded with whole carbohydrates and fibre; it’s a healthy and could be made in a minute. Doctor suggests adding a good amount of nuts to make perfect daliya. It is a complete breakfast.


Select a multi-grain dosa – in south it is called as adai. Doctor recommends this breakfast because it contains multiple nutrients, exactly what you require to get jumpstart of your day. But, be assured you utilize a non-stick pan and low oil though.

Dosa: “Choose a multi-grain dosa — what we call adai down south — over the regular kind,” suggests Dr Prasad. It packs in multiple nutrients – just what you need to jumpstart your day. However, make sure you use a non-stick pan, and less oil though.


Eggs are any time an excellent breakfast option for adults, kids, and should tread carefully. Get your fat profile checked, before you follow egg breakfast. In case your cholesterol is high, be assured you keep yourself away from the egg yolk. Egg is a great source of selenium, riboflavin, and protein, egg white are low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Therefore beat 1 or 2 egg whites and put some finely chopped veggies, little bit turmeric, red-chilli powder, and salt for taste – mix all the ingredients and make an omelette or scramble. You can include one slice of brown bread in it, in case you like, says doctor.

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It is huge in fibre, it is also known for supporting to control blood sugar levels and keep your cholesterol below check. What is more? It is simple to make as well. Again, doctor recommends adding dried fruits, fruits, and nuts to oatmeal.

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