Best Shoes For Nurses

As a nurse, you can’t avoid working on your feet all day long. You even have to stand for long hours with no breaks. Thus, you need to have a practical choice in order to protect your feet from wear, pain, and tear problems. If you choose a good shoe, you will have support, stability as well as comfort. You should consider carefully when choosing a shoe for standing or walking for a period of time. In this article, we give you a look at four common types of best shoes for nurses you should know.



With clogs, you can not only feel comfortable but also be really stylish. However, they are not suitable for wearing all day. This is not a perfect choice for nurses. Besides, it can cause missteps and injury due to no heel coverage. In fact, there are many brands of clogs having a higher heel and no rubber bottom that harm your feet and legs if you wear all day or always move around. Moreover, you can be also stress fracture, bunions, and foot pain by using poorly fitting clogs. In contrast, if you really want to wear clogs, you need to spend your money properly for wearing all day.

Orthopedic shoes


This unit can provide you support and pain relief for those who have to suffer from chronic foot and ankle conditions. It is an ideal product for an enhanced support for your foot as well as ankle. Therefore, it’s important for nurses. However, they should also have a nice roomy toe box to conform to your foot. This product is considered to be one of the good brands for nurses today in order to relieve existing foot problems.

Running shoes


Running shoes are some of the smartest choices in nurse footwear. They are useful for your foot when you work on your feet for all day long. You can easily find the fit right for your foot with a variety of widths. By using running shoes, you can absorb the shock of hard strikes to protect your feet. With walking shoes, you can avoid rolling ankles because of the least cushion and thinnest soles.

Rocker shoes


A rocker shoe can help a nurse to avoid ball of foot pain or big toe joint pain. They are designed with thicker soles and rounded heels that help to replace lost functions. So, they are great for people having a range of motion issues for the ankle. These shoes can change your center of balance. Therefore, you need to adjust how you step. This brand is beneficial for nurses when they are on their feet all day.


Above are four main types of shoes for nurses and their pros and cons you need to know when choosing. To sum it up, we recommend you should also consider using some accessory choices after choosing a good quality shoe in order to keep your busy feet supported all day. In addition to a good shoe, you also need good socks and an arch support to prevent foot fatigue.

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