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How Men Can Avoid Heart Attacks

Heart attack is one of the most common risks to men’s health. Studies say, about 70 -89% of sudden attack occurs in men. The risk of heart attack in men increases after the age of 45 years, and the average age of men suffering from this disease is 66. Heart attack is one of the […]

Height Increasing Exercises For Men

Height is the one thing that adds up to one’s overall personality. Many people search for ways to increase their height through various websites. But one thing that we neglect is that instead of various ways one can increase his height with just few simple exercises followed by a proper diet. Exercises helps in strengthening […]

Men Moved Towards Fairness Creams But Does It Work?

From old ages, female’s beauty is examined on the scale of ratings based over how much fair they are? However as per the changed time and thinking trend of society growing towards modernism the preference towards fairer skin remain occurs in swatches of mixed people. Alpha men are moving their steps forward that were not […]