Easily lose weight after pregnancy just by exercises

In the whole lifetime of one woman, one time she does not care about her rising weight, when she gets pregnant. But after delivering baby she starts feeling bulky and heavy. During pregnancy, expected mother intake lots of fruit, sweets, butter, daily product and many more things due to which after pregnancy also she remains fat. If you are also worried about your weight then does not worry we are here you to help you. You can very easily reduce those extra kilos as long as you have idea what you have to do. You might think that you are not getting time to do work out due to little baby, in the age mother needs to be with baby all the time. But your little baby must be taking naps frequently. If you really want back into your pregnancy before size then you need to adopt habit of working out during your baby’s nap; because this is an only time which you can spend for yourself. Be assure, you will surely get effective results. In this article we have mentioned 3 exercises that you can practice while baby’s nap which will supremely change your whole day, refresh your day and give great look.


Bicycle –

Pregnancy after exercise does not contain riding bicycle. It is abdominal exercise which is perfect for post-natal females wanting to lose additional weight. First of all lie over your knees bend it, male your calves similar to floor. Place your hands back side of head, after that inhale and exhale when you will draw your body’s abs. make your butt calm as you expand you right side leg and then after rotate your right side shoulder to left knee. Shoulders and head should land on ground for movement. Come back to normal position and again and again practice it on other side. Almost for 12-20 times practice this exercise and you will quickly realize the effect that your unnecessary fat is leaving your body.

Drawing In –

It is ideal exercise for females who have recently delivered baby due to only it will not just support you to lose fat however it will make your back stronger, entire core and abs that will help you for right posture and enhance your metabolism at same time. To practice this exercise, go down on your all fours with placing hand below the shoulders. After that pull abs inside and be assure that your neck still in line with spine. Inhale by your nose when you will place your back straight and after that exhale while dragging your naval without shifting your spine. Practice this exercise for about 12 times, again and again do it to have nice abdominal and prime workout.

Arm Flutters –

It is huge post natal exercise which can be done almost next to baby’s crib. Just lie down on back and hold your leg straight in air. After that pick up your trunk little but off ground and pick your arms when you will make it straight. Gradually come back to normal position, complete this in twenty to fifty times. This type of exercise makes your body strong that means you will be demolishing much calories. Your weight report will surely in perfect shape just by practicing this arm flutter exercise just only for 3 times in a week.

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Consequently, after practicing these exercises you will start feeling light as you were feeling before your pregnancy, this is a perfect time to get back to your earlier slim body. Luckily all these above exercises are adequately that you can do at anytime. These exercises will not just reduce your weight but it will also help you to keep your mind cool. There are some more effective tips that will support you to start all above guidelines

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