Height Increasing Exercises For Men

Height is the one thing that adds up to one’s overall personality. Many people search for ways to increase their height through various websites. But one thing that we neglect is that instead of various ways one can increase his height with just few simple exercises followed by a proper diet. Exercises helps in strengthening our muscles and produces growth hormones and diet works in a direction to keep the hormones active and fresh.

If you are looking to increases your height with few inches, than practice these exercises on a regular basis to gain few inches in a shorter time period:

Height Increasing Exercises For Men


You must have done stretching exercises for many numbers of times, but do you know that 15 minutes of stretching exercises on regular basis can help you to add up few inches to your height. Stretching is also considered as a best warm up exercise that includes cobra stretch, car stretch, the table, the bridge, bow down, twist, super stretch and simple leg stretches.


Swimming is a best form of exercise to increase your height, as it includes and stretches every inch of your body. Just start with at least 5 hours of swimming in a week and you can feel the change in your height within a shorter span of time. Breast stroke is believed as a best form of swimming to add some extra inches to your height. It is most effective than any other form of exercise as you do it on water that requires much more intensity than any other kind of exercise. Thus while swimming, when you use your legs, arms in fact entire body to its fullest; it helps your muscles to get strengthen that help them to grow longer within a shorter time period.

Hanging Exercises:

Hanging exercises is also a best form of exercises that can be practiced by anyone or everyone. In the starting it seems difficult but with regular practice you can gain master degree in it. It includes hanging with any kind of support or on bar for around 10 seconds with your spine and arms stretched. You can practice this exercise everyday for 2 minutes and can see the magic; it can do to your height.

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If you will practice all these exercises on a regular basis than surely it will help you to add up 3 – 4 inches in your height, as it involves both logical and scientific method in it. However, just exercise will not work wonder for your, for a better result proper healthy diet plays a very significant role in increasing height.

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