Herbal Ways To Treat Women’s Health Problem

In the cosmetic world of women, they are now looking more into artificial drugs for there health issue.  As drugs have many side effects to health, we have come around with some natural and old herbal way of treating women’s health problem.

Dong Quai which is also know as Angelica Sinesis is herbal root of the Chinese perennial plant. This plant is along 8 foot long and hollow stem crooned by umbrella shaped white clusters. This root is used to treat symptoms like gynecological and non-gynecological. It also help to relieve the symptoms related with PMS. It’s is also helpful to control menstrual cycle. As women suffering from irregular periods (amenorrhea) or heavy periods (hemorrhagic) can use this herb to treat them. It’s been said that in previous mythology that this herb is also known as “”Queen of Herbs”.

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This plant is mostly found in the area of wild North America.  You can identify this by its reddish brown stem which is 36 feel long. You would see the flowers appearing on it in the month of June and July, which is greenish yellow in color. The flower which turns into fruit till the September and turn into yellowish green color. This herb help women’s to get relief from menstrual cramps, hot flushes and headaches. As it has an estrogen and progestin like property to provide such benefits to women. It also contain compound known as Sopanins.  This component will help to produce estrogen, progesterone and cortisone in the body.

As there are number of herbs that you would find is helpful and harmless to women’s and which 100% beneficial is to them. So it’s better to know more about other type of natural treatment instead of using artificial drugs to heal your body. So for better life it’s better to use natural way of treatment.

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