How To Remove Tan From Hands And Legs Naturally?

There are many people who are fair naturally, however who have got tanned skin due to over sun exposure must be keen to know about how to remove tan from hands and legs. In sense to know how to remove tanning one must be aware that they can use either chemical or natural methods. While checking how to remove tan naturally one must attempt and use different home remedies on tanned skin are prevalently utilized with nice results.


Following are some ingredients, which will help you to remove tan from hands and legs –

  • Make a paste of curd, turmeric, and gram flour and apply it on tanned body parts, it will surely work effectively and change darker complexion. Add 1 to 2 teaspoon of water in turmeric, gram flour, and curd, make a paste of it, and now apply it on tanned legs and hands before taking bath. Do it consistently, you will see difference in some weeks.
  • Potato – It is one of the natural solutions that remove tan from legs and hands. Just rub peeled potato on tanned part daily. You can also use juice of potato in spite of peeled skin.
  • Daily bathing is also essential skin care regimen as bathing washes dead skin cells and due to that new skin cells grows fast.
  • Lime juice is an effective beach. Make a mixture of pinch of turmeric, lime juice, and apply this mixture on the tanned legs and hands.

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