How To Remove Tan From Hands And Legs Naturally?

how to remove tan from hands and legs naturally

There are many people who are fair naturally, however who have got tanned skin due to over sun exposure must be keen to know about how to remove tan from hands and legs. In sense to know how to remove tanning one must be aware that they can use either chemical or natural methods. While checking how to remove tan naturally one must attempt and use different home remedies on tanned skin are prevalently utilized with nice results.


Following are some ingredients, which will help you to remove tan from hands and legs –

  • Make a paste of curd, turmeric, and gram flour and apply it on tanned body parts, it will surely work effectively and change darker complexion. Add 1 to 2 teaspoon of water in turmeric, gram flour, and curd, make a paste of it, and now apply it on tanned legs and hands before taking bath. Do it consistently, you will see difference in some weeks.
  • Potato – It is one of the natural solutions that remove tan from legs and hands. Just rub peeled potato on tanned part daily. You can also use juice of potato in spite of peeled skin.
  • Daily bathing is also essential skin care regimen as bathing washes dead skin cells and due to that new skin cells grows fast.
  • Lime juice is an effective beach. Make a mixture of pinch of turmeric, lime juice, and apply this mixture on the tanned legs and hands.

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Lose Belly Fat With Right Meal Plan

Lose Belly Fat With Right Meal Plan

Belly fat is the much more serious than the extremities fats. After some time this fat converts into visceral fat that increases the cardiovascular diseases or diabetes risk and disturbs the metabolic functioning in our body. However, with the healthy diet plan one can reduce the belly fat.


Lose Belly Fat With Right Meal Plan

Fewer intakes of calories are the major factor in weight loss or reducing fat from the belly or the other parts of the body as in this condition the body starts looking for energy from the stored fat in our body. This leads to weight loss. The safest way to lose weight is losing not more than two pounds in week. You can achieve fat loss by cutting calories intake by 500 to 1000 from your daily eating.


Breakfast plays most important part in weight loss, as skipping breakfast leads to sudden drop in sugar level and reduces the metabolic rate in our body and results into low energy level and hunger. Instead opt for something that is rich in protein and carbs with high fiber complex. This will help you to stay full for longer period. You can use the same combination for all your meals in entire day. One cup of milk with half cup of oatmeal is a best option for breakfast; you can also include blueberries in it. This will give you 360 calories.


Lunch is the best option to start the second half of your day. You can opt for home made food that will help you to healthy way of belly reduction. Sandwich made out of brown bread with multiple options such as tomato, lettuce, low fat cheese and sprouts etc can be an option that will give you 340 calories of your requirement.


After an entire day of work, you feel so tired but instead of any outside food opt for a light home food few hours before you go to bed. You can opt for chicken breasts, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, steamed vegetables or yams can be an option for your dinner that will give you nearly to 510 calories.


In between your meals, light snacks will give you many benefits. This will not control your appetite and will give you higher energy level but also it will give you improve metabolism. Keep the check on your calories intake through snacks to maintain the balance.

Top 6 Indoor Exercises To Lose Weight Fast


Everybody wish to have an ideal figure to enhance personality. Having an hour or zero glass figure is not just limited to model however it has become a necessity of almost all people. As higher and higher people have become careful about their complete health and weight, weight loss is present in everybody’s mind in these days. There are numerous programs and plans, which activist a simple and quick weight loss with the support of unnatural and natural techniques. Crash diets and fad top the list of weight loss plans, which promise weight loss in some weeks and days. But, these are dangerous and are not made for a long-lasting and healthy weight loss.

In case you want to go with healthy techniques, you have to track the traditional exercise and diet routines. In following paragraph you will get to discover more valuable information on indoor exercises to lose weight.

Step Aerobics –


Step aerobics or stepping is one more perfect exercise to burn belly fat, which you can do at your home. You can also purchase step aerobic’s CD and follow that at your home. If you will do step aerobics everyday minimum for around ten to fifteen times, you will surely get good result.

Jogging On Spot –

Jogging On Spot

You can do jog or run at your home also at one spot, continually for around five to ten minutes. If you have treadmill then you can also use that. Doing jumping jacks for five to ten minutes will also be supportive to get rid of the bulky belly fat and it is a simple indoor cardio to reduce weight.

Crunches –


Crunches are best indoor exercises to get perfect ads, or tone your abdominal muscles. Amid various forms, you can go for the oblique or diagonal crunches, as they are the most effectual ones. Crunches are also believed as one of the perfect indoor exercises to reduce weight and can support to tone muscles at home.

Hula Hooping –

In case you have nice indoor workout routine, which can really support you thin out your waist part and support you to lose weight fast. Hola hopping is a fun exercise to lose weight faster. You just have to exercise with hola-hopping for around fifteen to twenty minutes.

Climbing Stairs –

One of the other simple exercises to do indoor adds climbing the stairs. Walking down and up the stairs for four to five times can support in reducing belly fat. You can do this from slowly to fast and raise the speed later on.

Jump Rope –

As simple as it looks, the jump rope indoor exercise is a nice routine for namely sportsmen and boxers that make usage of good amount of energy.

Herbal Ways To Treat Women’s Health Problem

In the cosmetic world of women, they are now looking more into artificial drugs for there health issue.  As drugs have many side effects to health, we have come around with some natural and old herbal way of treating women’s health problem.

Dong Quai which is also know as Angelica Sinesis is herbal root of the Chinese perennial plant. This plant is along 8 foot long and hollow stem crooned by umbrella shaped white clusters. This root is used to treat symptoms like gynecological and non-gynecological. It also help to relieve the symptoms related with PMS. It’s is also helpful to control menstrual cycle. As women suffering from irregular periods (amenorrhea) or heavy periods (hemorrhagic) can use this herb to treat them. It’s been said that in previous mythology that this herb is also known as “”Queen of Herbs”.

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This plant is mostly found in the area of wild North America.  You can identify this by its reddish brown stem which is 36 feel long. You would see the flowers appearing on it in the month of June and July, which is greenish yellow in color. The flower which turns into fruit till the September and turn into yellowish green color. This herb help women’s to get relief from menstrual cramps, hot flushes and headaches. As it has an estrogen and progestin like property to provide such benefits to women. It also contain compound known as Sopanins.  This component will help to produce estrogen, progesterone and cortisone in the body.

As there are number of herbs that you would find is helpful and harmless to women’s and which 100% beneficial is to them. So it’s better to know more about other type of natural treatment instead of using artificial drugs to heal your body. So for better life it’s better to use natural way of treatment.

Learning Goblet Squat- Learn How To Do Goblet Squat

Here we have given the effective way to do the vital squat movement pattern and also how to upgrade from it.

Doing the goblet squat:

Start holding a kettlebell or dumb-bell against the center of the chest. Stand in such a position that you feet are parallel to your shoulders, with your toes facing slightly out. Now slowly start going down in sitting position with your hips going back towards the ground, remember while doing it keep all your weight on the heels. Notice that your hip will move first and then your knees will start bending.

Keeping your chest up, try to chock the elbows between knees when you are at the last position when you go down and when the posterior is on the level of your thighs. If you are not able to reach to your knees try focusing pushing it somewhat apart. Begin with the second segment of the exercise by taking your hips again back to your start position. Remember do all this slowly at the initial stage and then do it in the normal speed. Doing it slowly will get you the correct position, posture and the way to do it.

Timings for doing goblet squat:

Early in the morning is the suitable time for doing the goblet squats, as morning is where you will be all fresh and you wont diverge from the proper form. After you start performing 15 to 20 repetitions with you the weight of your bodyweight, this exercise will make a good form of warm-up or can as a part of break session. After you know you are doing the goblet squat properly, upgrade it to the next level by holding the barbell or kettlebell on the front of your body (like the front squat).

Reps, Weight and Sets:

  • Build strength: 3 to 5 sets, 3 to 8 repetition and 1 to 3 minutes of break
  • Load suggested: 85 to 90 percent of the load you can lift in 1 repetition.
  • Fat lose: 3 to 4 sets, 8 to 12 reps and take rest less than sixty seconds.
  • Load suggested: 40 to 70 percent of the best you can pick up in one rep.
  • Muscle build: 3 to 4 sets, 8 to 12 reps and take rest less than sixty seconds.
  • Load suggested: 70 to 85 percent of the load you can lift in 1 repetition.

Stress the hamstrings and gluteus

Targeted muscles are Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings.

Using a faintly larger stance and focusing on sitting on back through your hips can be done while squatting to a box or bench.

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Stress the quads

Here the targeted muscles are Rectus Femoris, Adductors, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis Vastus, and Intermedius.

Fix our feet marginally narrower to the shoulder width and move your hips downwards and then you back. Keep the weight down to the center of the feet.

Green Tea Helps In Reducing Fats

Burning fats

The food we eat is combined with a substance which is referred as triglyceride. This then further travel through bloodstreams and then other parts of our body. Triglyceride is used to keep the body energy unbroken in rest of the days. Unfortunately when you take it in excess amount it starts burning more fats in your body and then gives you a healthy body.

We think many people know the benefits of green tea. It goes hand in hand with weight loss. Many people still have doubt on this. In olden times in Japan people with heavy weight were given green tea to reduce weight as a natural herb.

Green tea contains rich amount of catechin polyphenols, which help to oxidant fats faster. Drinking Japanese green tea helps people to reduce fats faster. It helps you to increase the metabolism process so that it would help you to burn the fats faster. Chinese consider this green tea as the healthiest herb in the planet.

As the green tea helps you to grow polyphenols in high amount, which then creates enzymes. These enzymes then help you to reduce your fats further without taking any exercise.

Metabolism Stimulation

Green tea helps to stimulate nervous system as it contain caffeine. Green tea helps you to burn an extra fat which then comes out as water and also give you extra amount of energy to your body.

  • Green tea works on the body on the under certain steps.
  • It increases the metabolism of the body.
  • After wards it starts burning fats.
  • It then converts the energy into fats.
  • It then allows your body to consume fewer amounts of fats.
  • At the end it starts reducing food carving

This is how green tea is the best medicine that helps you to reduce fats without harming your body.

Men Moved Towards Fairness Creams But Does It Work?

From old ages, female’s beauty is examined on the scale of ratings based over how much fair they are? However as per the changed time and thinking trend of society growing towards modernism the preference towards fairer skin remain occurs in swatches of mixed people. Alpha men are moving their steps forward that were not shy regarding being handsome and dark has endured a role reversal. By noticing this thinking of men, numbers of cosmetic brand launched fairness creams and face wash exclusively for men. But when we think about fairness cream, another question that comes inside our mind is do these creams really work on men’s skin.


The answer is all its malicious mind strategy of enormously brilliant professionals packaging and displaying to its customers the magic of wonder product, which can moderate what you carrying as god’s gift. In easy words, the answer is in the whole world there is not even a single cream that can moderate person’s skin colour until you believe other substitutes such as plastic surgery whether it is a woman and man. Until you are glad with output of colour moderate that famous singer Michael Jackson had. Majority of fairness creams comprise hydroquinone, it is chemical that slowdowns melanin generation and supporting you to get your actual skin colours, which losses because of tear and wear and exposure to pollution, sunlight etc.

Variance of skin pattern for women and men

The texture of skin for men is prominently different from a woman. Well, developing a beard is noticeable difference chiefly apart from other changes that detected by people’s eyes. The some other differences are such as

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Collagen density

The skins strength and elasticity is because of availability of collage, the collage density’s drop is what includes to aging procedure speedily in females than males. Genuinely because of huge collagen in males the aging procedure is slower within males. However due to females is quick with use of sunscreen and males are not then premature ageing from Sun UV radiation includes years to male’s skin too tanning and darkening it.

Thickness of skin

A person’s skin is around quarter times thicker than female’s. Whereas both will eventually have thinning skin however that will occur earlier for females equated to female. Men contain high amount of androgens that impacts in thicker skin equated to females.

Texture and hydration

Adolescence stimulates the development of facial hair within males giving boost to sweat secretions though rise in lactic acid and less pH equated to females. Despite of that males look much hydrated comparatively.

Therefore in case you think its females who require all the attention, think of it. An average person expenses comparatively long time exposed to severe environment. Man is more likely do not visit to doctor even if any sign of skin detect occur and even if males have thicker skin, it is proven that majority of males have much sensitive skin as compared to females. Though observing the ingredients of fairness cream becomes highly essential for males too.

Easily lose weight after pregnancy just by exercises

In the whole lifetime of one woman, one time she does not care about her rising weight, when she gets pregnant. But after delivering baby she starts feeling bulky and heavy. During pregnancy, expected mother intake lots of fruit, sweets, butter, daily product and many more things due to which after pregnancy also she remains fat. If you are also worried about your weight then does not worry we are here you to help you. You can very easily reduce those extra kilos as long as you have idea what you have to do. You might think that you are not getting time to do work out due to little baby, in the age mother needs to be with baby all the time. But your little baby must be taking naps frequently. If you really want back into your pregnancy before size then you need to adopt habit of working out during your baby’s nap; because this is an only time which you can spend for yourself. Be assure, you will surely get effective results. In this article we have mentioned 3 exercises that you can practice while baby’s nap which will supremely change your whole day, refresh your day and give great look.


Bicycle –

Pregnancy after exercise does not contain riding bicycle. It is abdominal exercise which is perfect for post-natal females wanting to lose additional weight. First of all lie over your knees bend it, male your calves similar to floor. Place your hands back side of head, after that inhale and exhale when you will draw your body’s abs. make your butt calm as you expand you right side leg and then after rotate your right side shoulder to left knee. Shoulders and head should land on ground for movement. Come back to normal position and again and again practice it on other side. Almost for 12-20 times practice this exercise and you will quickly realize the effect that your unnecessary fat is leaving your body.

Drawing In –

It is ideal exercise for females who have recently delivered baby due to only it will not just support you to lose fat however it will make your back stronger, entire core and abs that will help you for right posture and enhance your metabolism at same time. To practice this exercise, go down on your all fours with placing hand below the shoulders. After that pull abs inside and be assure that your neck still in line with spine. Inhale by your nose when you will place your back straight and after that exhale while dragging your naval without shifting your spine. Practice this exercise for about 12 times, again and again do it to have nice abdominal and prime workout.

Arm Flutters –

It is huge post natal exercise which can be done almost next to baby’s crib. Just lie down on back and hold your leg straight in air. After that pick up your trunk little but off ground and pick your arms when you will make it straight. Gradually come back to normal position, complete this in twenty to fifty times. This type of exercise makes your body strong that means you will be demolishing much calories. Your weight report will surely in perfect shape just by practicing this arm flutter exercise just only for 3 times in a week.

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Consequently, after practicing these exercises you will start feeling light as you were feeling before your pregnancy, this is a perfect time to get back to your earlier slim body. Luckily all these above exercises are adequately that you can do at anytime. These exercises will not just reduce your weight but it will also help you to keep your mind cool. There are some more effective tips that will support you to start all above guidelines